Talent acquisition. Solved.

Are you looking for a scalable recruitment outsourcing programme to recruit, evaluate and manage direct hires?

AllSourceRPO provides the expert support you need to find and retain the best talent in the world. Our team will work with you to manage all, or part, of the processes related to acquiring and managing direct hires. Whether you need a complete end-to-end solution or want to supplement existing human resources staff with additional support, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution can help your company realise lower staffing costs, achieve absolute scalability and get fast access to qualified workers.

AllSourceRPO Solves Workforce Challenges By:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Reducing administrative overhead
  • Implementing consistent, enterprise-wide hiring processes
  • Improving visibility into programme data and costs
  • Gaining expert recruiting resources to find qualified talent
  • Constantly refining the program to meet long-term business goals

The ability to be flexible in today’s complex global economy means you are better positioned to take advantage of trends and opportunities. By streamlining recruiting functions across multiple geographies and business units you are able to rapidly gain the resources you need to stay competitive.

AllSourceRPO allows you to quickly expand your bandwidth by adding individual recruiting components such as sourcing, screening, interviewing or on/off-boarding as you need them. This on-demand access to additional recruiting support makes it easy to quickly supplement staffing resources when and where you need them so you never miss a chance to get, and stay, ahead of the curve.

Choose the Service Model that is Right for You

AllSourceRPO will create a solution that supports and enhances your existing strategic plans. With five service models to choose from, our team can custom create a solution to meet your needs. 

  • Recruitment Administration:  Our team will handle all the detail-related tasks including: interview scheduling, dispositioning, travel coordination, reporting, pre-hire paperwork, programme administration and more.
  • Sourcing and Screening: We find, screen and present the right candidates to your hiring managers.
  • Project RPO: Complete support of the hiring process for specific projects including targeted skill sets, seasonal hiring and large ramp-up projects.
  • End-to-End RPO: Hire enterprise-wide talent by skill set, geography or business unit with complete support from process design to on-boarding.
  • Blended Workforce Model: Manage full-time and contingent hires through one seamless programme.

Integrated, Flexible Solutions

Agile•1 offers integrated workforce management technologies alongside managed services and direct-hire recruiting programmes. Unlike our competitors, our technology and service offerings were developed in tandem to ensure that each automated tool complements the corresponding processes for a seamless integration of the two. For every Agile•1 service, clients will discover a matching vendor management or services procurement  technology designed to automate and support the core service capabilities. This innovative approach has allowed Agile•1’s solutions to drive the cost and process efficiencies our clients demand.

Agile•1: Your Partner in a Complex, Global Economy

Agile•1 is more than a provider of award-winning labour management technologies and programmes. We are your partner in a complex, global economy. Our team works with you to discover your unique business challenges, innovate custom solutions, transform your processes and optimise the way you manage your greatest asset: people.     

Contact us today to learn how AllSourceRPO can help you realise your company’s labour management goals.


  • Dedicated recruitment resources
  • Single point-of-contact
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Direct/indirect savings
  • Rapidly scalable
  • Multiple service options
  • Seamless implementation
  • Forward-thinking strategies
  • Improved workforce visibility

"Your work in supplying temporary contingent labour and implementation of successful cost-saving initiatives allows us to focus on what we do best, brew great beer. As a result, we are able to increase our ability to be competitive, efficient and productive."

President, Coors Brewing Company,
Vice President, Strategic Sourcing
Coors Brewing Company