Workforce automation. Solved.

Looking for a user-friendly technology to gain visibility into your temporary workforce, drive cost savings and process optimisation while delivering a long-term integrated strategy?

AccelerationVMS is a centralised, web-based technology that streamlines labour management to significantly reduce administrative overhead. The system automates tasks like requisitioning, sourcing, selecting, on-boarding, managing and off-boarding while simultaneously gathering important programme data. The result is reduced costs, improved candidate quality and enhanced processes that allow you to better manage your company’s most valuable resource:  your human capital.

AccelerationVMS Solves Workforce Challenges By:

  • Streamlining processes and reducing administrative overhead
  • Integrating into existing programmes and technologies
  • Gathering performance data on the programme and suppliers
  • Automating approvals, timecard management and invoicing
  • Providing visibility into programme data and costs
  • Constantly refining the programme to meet long-term business goals

Improved Visibility with BANG!

With AccelerationVMS you gain unprecedented visibility into your temporary workforce that starts even before you open a requisition. By providing cost projections based on time, assignment length, work hours and bill rate, you can estimate the financial impact of positions before you make the decision to hire.          

As part of AccelerationVMS, you gain access to BANG! (Business Analytics for the Next Generation). This dynamic software is a powerful way to visualise, analyse, filter and report managed services programme data. With BANG! you can track spend, evaluate suppliers and supervise your workforce using reports and dashboards that present the data dynamically and visually. Just a few clicks gives you access to the real-time information you need to stay ahead of trends and maximise opportunities. BANG! is analytics made easy and just one more way AccelerationVMS can transform the way you see and manage your workforce.  

User-Friendly and Configurable

Agile•1’s vendor management system is easy to use for hiring managers, temporary workers, suppliers and support staff. Industry recognised and awarded, AccelerationVMS is easy to configure into your existing HRIS and ERP systems.

Integrated, Flexible Solutions

Agile•1 offers  integrated workforce management technologies alongside managed services and direct-hire recruiting programmes. Unlike our competitors, our technology and service offerings were developed in tandem to ensure that each automated tool complements the corresponding processes for a seamless integration of the two. For every Agile•1 service, clients will discover a matching vendor management or services procurement technology designed to automate and support the core service capabilities. This innovative approach has allowed Agile•1’s solutions to drive the cost and process efficiencies our clients demand.

Agile•1:  Your Partner in a Complex, Global Economy

Agile•1 is more than a provider of award-winning labour management technologies and programmes. We are your partner in a complex, global economy. Our team works with you to discover your unique business challenges, innovate custom solutions, transform your processes and optimize the way you manage your greatest asset: people.  

Contact us today to learn how AccelerationVMS can help you realise your company’s labour management goals.


  • Automated requisitioning
  • Advanced conceptual search
  • Relevancy ranking
  • Rate and spend analysis
  • Compliance and control
  • Robust and flexible reporting
  • BANG! Business Analytics for the Next Generation
  • Self/full service options
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“The AccelerationVMS system is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly VMS systems on the market.”

SVP Business Development,
SpectraForce Technologies, Inc.